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About Our Assembly


Our Overseer

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Sis Mary Williams, a servant of Yeshua (Jesus), called to be a prophet by the will of Yahweh (God), comes to win, serve, and save those in need through Yeshua Jesus. By bringing faith, hope, love, and healing to the broken, forgotten, and wounded by addressing their physical as well as spiritual needs with the unwavering love of Yahweh-God through Yeshua Jesus, and by speaking the truth in love. Silver and gold have she none, but what she does have is of far greater value: life in Yeshua Jesus. 


To be messengers of the Kingdom of Yahweh (God) as ambassadors of Yeshua (Jesus) and develop disciples in our communities and nation. 


Be a gathering place that glorifies Yahweh (God) by proclaiming Yahweh's kingdom and carrying out the great commission of Yeshua, teaching all things concerning Yeshua to all nations in order to encourage discipleship that fosters physical,  and spiritual, growth.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values define who we are and what we are committed to:


Glorifying Yahweh (God) is our Center

  • Yeshua (Jesus), which leads us to Yahweh (God).



  • We love unconditionally.


Quality over Quantity

  • It's not about the numbers but the quality. We do more with less.


Discipleship over Membership

  • We are called to develop disciples. 



  • We worship in spirit & in truth.



  • We promote unity and are intentionally involved.



  • We serve before self.



  • We build each other; we all have unique strengths and perspectives.

Mary Williams

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